For a gaming enthusiast, anything that will boost your gaming performance, and it’s healthy for your body should be on your desk. Coffee should be one of the drinks you need on your gaming desk. That’s because nothing can be more powerful than a cup of coffee when you feel exhausted. It will not only keep you warm and energised but will also stimulate your brain for better gaming performance. 

But considering the gaming environment, you need a coffee maker that’s easy to use and can brew a quick cup of fantastic coffee. There are many options for coffee makers to select from, but the Aeropress is a good choice for single brews. It’s a manual coffee brewing tool that is not only easy to use but also affordable.  

In this guide, we are going to look at how you can brew coffee with AeroPress Coffee Maker. We have put together some of the main steps that you need to follow to brew perfect coffee shots at home while gaming. Here are the 9 main steps to follow: 

1. Boil Water 

To brew coffee, you need hot boiling water. For AeroPress, you need to boil water separately since the coffee maker does come with a water heating system. However, the amount of water that you boil is an important factor to consider. We recommend that you boil about 600g of water because you will need some hot water for other uses apart from brewing coffee. However, make sure that this water is filtered to remove particles and tastes that would change your coffee flavour. Alkaline water is ideal for coffee making. 

2. Grind Coffee 

The next step should be grinding coffee beans. Don’t make a mistake of grinding your beans in advance because you might lose the flavour. Freshly ground is the best if you want to retain the original coffee flavour. The amount of beans required to make a perfect cup of coffee with AeroPress is between 14g and 18g. You, therefore, need to measure the coffee beans to get the exact amount of ground for a perfect shot. The ground should finer than sea salt for the brewing to be perfect. 

person holding coffee from coffee grinder

3. Place the Filter 

With the water and the coffee ground ready, now it’s time to prepare the AeroPress. The first step is to place the paper filter in the detachable plastic cap. Make sure that the filter fits well in the cap and that no gaps left at the edges. Then, secure the plastic cap onto the base of your AeroPress. That’s how you get your AeroPress coffee maker ready. This is a very important step, and thus you need to do everything right. 

4. Rinse the Filter 

With now that have the AeroPress ready, you have one more thing to do before you can start brewing coffee. That’s cleaning the filter to get rid of any taste that would change the flavour of your coffee. Rinsed the filter thoroughly clean hot water that you boiled in step 1. We recommend that you pour approximately 100-200g of the boiling water into the coffee maker. Apart from rinsing and wetting the filter, you will also be warming up your vessel. The hot water also helps the filter to adhere to the cap. 

5. Add Coffee Ground 

With the coffee maker and the vessel clean, you can now get started with the process of brewing coffee. The next step should be adding coffee grounds into the AeroPress coffee maker. The coffee maker should now be placed on top of your vessel or coffee cup. Place the whole assembly up on top of your scale, zero the scale and add the required amount of grounds. Be careful not to spill the grounds. 

6. Add Water 

woman adding hot water onto her ground coffee

To brew a perfect cup of coffee, you need to set the timer for the rest of the process. From this step going forward, every second matter. Note that the boiled water should be about 93°C to brew a perfect coffee. Add about 30 grams of water (or twice the weight of the grounds) and stir quickly for 10 seconds to saturate the coffee grounds. Stir backward and forwards, right and left, to ensure that your coffee is properly saturated. 

7. Add More Water 

Twenty seconds after pouring the 30 or so grams of water, add more boiled water to reach about 260g grams of total water. Make sure that you do not exceed this amount as you might lose your coffee flavour. Stir the mixture slowly until the timer clocks 40 seconds. Then remove the whole assembly off the scale and let it sit until for a whole minute (until 1:40). You should also cap the AeroPress with the plunger as you wait for the next step. 

8. Plunge 

Immediate the timer clocks 1:40, begin to press the plunger slowly. Aim at finishing plunging by 2:20. Therefore, make it slow to ensure that you are extracting everything from the coffee grounds. The trick is to ensure that you are pressing with constant and steady pressure. That’s how you extract everything from the grounds. When you hear a hissing noise, that’s when you will know you’re finished with pressing, and your coffee is ready. 

9. Clean and Enjoy 

Before start enjoying your coffee, you need to clean your AeroPress to maintain in perfect condition for the next brewing. Just take off the cap and pop out the filter and the grounds. Clean the plunger and other parts with hot water, and your coffee maker will be ready for the next brewing. You can now start enjoying the coffee as play your games.  

If you were wondering how to make a cup of coffee with AeroPress, these are the steps that you should follow. It’s pretty easy to master the process for gamers. However, timing, getting the right amount of water, and grounds are crucial factors to make a perfect cup of coffee. Make sure that you have left the coffee maker clean for the next brew. 

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