Gone are days when talented skateboarders had to win competitions to make a living. Today, the internet and social have made it easy for everyone to show off their skills and make good money with the consistent upload of skateboarding videos on platforms like YouTube.  

But uploading videos online is not a direct ticket to making money. You need views and many of them to make good money. The best way to create a massive fan base and millions of views is by being consistent and producing quality videos. 

If you are just starting out and your uploads have not been doing well, we’ve got you covered.  This article will help you improve the quality of your skateboarding videos. We will focus on two major areas: shooting and editing videos. After reading these tips, your video quality will never be a problem. 

1. Video Shooting Tips 

Shooting is the most crucial stage of making videos. If you mess up in filming, not even editing can save your video. To make professional skateboarding videos, you need to invest in the latest technology when it comes to equipment. This is what you need for quality video shooting:  


Video Equipment in Action

This is an important element of quality videos, and it’s where most people get it wrong. You can’t use a smartphone and expect top-notch videos – it can’t work. You need quality filming equipment and quality lenses. 

For the filming equipment, we recommend a good DSLR or action camera and not a smartphone. However, action cameras offer better features when shooting skateboarding videos. They have better mobility, smaller in size and can penetrate narrower angles. 

Action cameras offer better shutter speed and aperture features. They are easy to mount onto helmets and other places for convenient shooting. Get the best brands in the market. 

Camera Setting 

Once you have the right filming equipment, work on the features and setting. This is another crucial part of shooting. Your camera setting will greatly determine the quality of the videos. The most important settings are camera aperture and shutter speed. 

A bigger aperture creates a more blurred effect in the background. For skateboarding, you need a close-up shot that focuses on the board, but this will depend on the nature of skating videos you are doing. Anything between f/2.8 and f/5.6 would be ideal for skateboarding videos. 

The shutter speed is another setting that will significantly affect your quality. The trick is to keep the shutter speed slower than the frame rate. Keep at least double the frame rate. If you want to shoot videos at 24 fps, the shutter speed should be at least 1/48. 


With the action camera set, now you can now begin shooting. Keep in mind that this is a skateboarding video and what you need is the skating action. This means all the attention should be centred on the skateboard. The tricks should be safe because your fans might be tempted to try them. 

Making movie

To ensure quality and captivating videos that engage viewers, you need to get creative. Giving viewers variety is what keeps them coming back. Try these filming tips: 

a. Vary the Focal Length 

Keep varying the focal length for a wider view of the environment you are shooting in, including the skater. You can try skating along with the subject or mount the action camera on the skater helmet for unique angles. However, standing far away and zooming in and out works magic. 

b. Change Perspective 

Filming most of the skateboarding from one perspective is boring. Viewers are looking for an action-packaged video, and changing angles will keep them engaged. 

c. Take Advantage Of The Location 

Skateboarding fans want more than just a sports arena. To be unique and authentic, look for new locations that will excite your viewers by giving them a ‘wow’ effect. This is what will keep them looking forward to your next video. 

2. Video Editing Tips 

Editing is all about telling a story to your viewers. After you have made several shots, you need to compress them into a short and captivating story. That’s why editing is a crucial stage when making skateboarding videos. 

male videographer editing video footages

First, you need to have good skills in editing or hire a professional video editor. However, it’s ultimately you who know your fans best and what they like about your content. Therefore, you must be part of the editing team to suggest what to include and what to cut out of the shots. 

There are several things that you must get right for proper editing, and they include: 

Quality Editing Software 

Invest in good video editing software. There are hundreds of editing apps on the market, including free software. We do not recommend free things, though. For top-notch editing, invest in premium video editing software. Good software should offer excellent colour and audio quality. 

Tell a Story 

In your editing, the most crucial thing is capturing your viewers with an exciting story they can follow to the end. That is the most effective way to keep viewers engaged the whole time. Sometimes, a narration can give your videos a nice touch.  

If you are not narrating, have the events following each other to tell a story. Using different shots from different angles is also another effective way to keep viewers interested. These are just some of the ways you can get creative with editing for quality videos. 

Add A Soundtrack 

At the end of your editing, add a good soundtrack to the final video. Music is a clever way of keeping viewers entertained and engaged. Make sure that the background music matches the intensity and the pace of skateboarding.  

In conclusion, shooting skateboarding videos should be fun with a professional touch in filming and editing to grab viewers’ attention and create a massive fan base. With these tips, you will be able to achieve this. 

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